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Hiram's Epiphany – ΔTLANTIS FOUND

original vitruvian man in egypt
For The First Time in History, Leonardo Da Vinci Has Been Caught Plagiarising His Famous Work, The Vitruvian Man and Divine Proportions.
From The Papyrus Above We Can Derive These Three Sacred Geometric Symbols and We Can Track Them Around The World.
Freemasonry Refers to These Black Men Master Builders as HIRAM from TYRE which Just so Happens To be a Phoenician City. Chat GPT and independent research Will tell you That the Phoenicians Never Called Themselves Phoenicians which was a Greek word. They Called Themselves “Kana’ana” or Canaanite Sea Peoples.
Atlanto Axial Civilization
Egyptians Based Civilization on The Design & Construction of The Human Body, Particularly with Focus on The Twin Oseos Vertebral Pillars and Transverse Ligamentous Cross Beam of The ATLAS Bone. My Favorite Re-Discovery.Lost for Over a Millennia. Civil law was born from these two bones. ATLAS sint on top of Axis and when you say YES, the anterior arch of ATLAS bone rides up and down the penile shaft of the Dens of Axis bone.
Atlantean Trade Route
Two Outreached Arms Pointing Up was The Global Atlantean Hand Sign for The Twin Pillars of The Atlantean Empire & was The Posture of The Constellation of Osiris in The Sky Above. Priests around The World Gestured This Hand Sign to Pay Homage to The Constellation of Osiris Above Displaying The Same Hand Sign..
Canaanite Curse of Ham: Phoenicians
Racist Jews Made Up This Story at The Conference of Jamnia Because They Were Stealing Canaanite Land (Israel). According to Jews and Their Religious Text, Canaanites (Phoenicians) are Negroes with Big Lips, Nappy Hair and Big Penises. Elite Jewish Freemasons (Zionists) Dislike Black People Because Black People are an International Threat to Their Real Identity. Christopher Columbus’ Diary was Written in Old Spanish and Hebrew Because He Was a Sephardic Jew Himself. Columbus was Retracing ancient Phoenician Trade Routes Seized from The Black Moors Loss of Power in Spain in 1492. In his memoirs, Christopher Columbus mentions the existence of a mosque atop a hill near Gibara on the north-east coast of Cuba. Therefore The Phoenicians Present a Problem for The Columbus Narrative (District of Columbia) and The Jewish State of Israel Which is Stolen Phoenician-Canaanite Land Itself.
Ancient Egyptian Map of America
Overlaying and Applying The Divine Protractor Template of Civilization Proved to Be The Missing Link in Global Archeology & Western Atlantis. This Changes Everything!
Atlantis Found Hiram's Epiphany
The Knox Nazca of Osiris is The Largest Nazca Line in The World and is One of The Greatest Archeological Discoveries Since Flinders Petrie discovery of Monatomic Gold in the Temple of hAUthor in The Sinai Peninsula. A Star Map in Ancient Egypt Directed Me To The Constellation of Truth, Justice and Righteousness (MAAT or LIBRA) in The Western Hemisphere Above The United States and Told Me to Descend Downward to Earth to Find This Corresponding Monument. Unfortunately The Black God or The Knox Nazca of Being Covered Up and Kept Secret by Black Asphalt From the Federal Government’s Department of Transportation.
The Penis of The Knox Nazca of Osiris Penetrates The Vaginal Arch of The Saint Louis Gateway of The Black Egyptian Goddess Isis and Gets Wet from The Bartholin Glands and As it Crosses The Miss Isis River Which is The Real Name of the Mississippi River. The Federal Government Has Been Caught Red Handed Worshipping Black Gods and Their Fertility in Secret by Using Spatial Depth Deception at the Gateway Park so That The Public Don’t Figure Out That They Are Walking in a Vagina and Uterus of a Black Woman.